We are a plans examination and code consulting firm serving municipalities, design professionals, construction companies, private owners, developers, government agencies, and anyone concerned with building code compliance and the safety of their building project.

Our certified professionals have proven track records and demonstrated experience in practical application of building codes to new and existing commercial and residential structures.

When you hire our firm to perform a code compliance review of your construction documents, most likely you will save several times the cost of our services, in the form of reduction of potential change orders, errors, omissions, and/or potential code related issues. As a matter of fact, we are so sure you'll save money, we almost guarantee it.

Additionally, we are a third-party plan review firm approved by the Wyoming Department of Health, Aging Division, for health care facilities.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to review building plans?
Once all documents have been received, plan reviews may take up to ten to fifteen (10-15) business days to be performed. It depends on the size and complexity of the project. Single family reviews generally take less time. Holidays and heavy volume times will influence the length of time needed to review.
How much does a plan review cost?
It depends upon the size, complexity and valuation of the project. We use the 1997 UBC Fee Schedule, adjusted for inflation. We then adjust that fee downward since we have little overhead and provide no benefits to our owners and contract personnel.
What ICC code editions do you review under?
Currently, we review under both the 2018 and 2021 editions of the ICC family of codes.
Why should we use Wilson & Associates to perform our plan reviews?
We will provide you with a comprehensive and accurate plan review on a timely basis, and, at a lower cost than our competitors.

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